Our Leadership Team

Tiffany Matusz

As Managing Director for Pinpoint Wealth Partners, Tiffany wears many different hats to keep business operations running smoothly and make sure clients of the firm are well taken care of.  She works with clients once they have met with one of the advisors of the firm, supporting them through the initial stages of engagement and sticking with them all the way through implementation and then on-going plan management.  Tiffany thrives on providing a strong support system for the team and she has the unique adaptability skills to take on any role that needs to be filled to keep the firm moving forward.  

Tiffany’s artistic passion showed through as she pursued interior design at Florida State University.  Here, she enjoyed all aspects of film, arts and decorating coursework.  Throughout her career, she has leveraged her unique creative talents to work in the business world and support teams who cater to carefully crafting outside the box solutions for clients.  

Tiffany began her professional career working for a software startup company in Tallahassee, Florida as an administrative assistant.  She quickly moved up the ranks and was moved to the shipping department and later became an accounting specialist.  After spending 10 years with the company, it was purchased, allowing Tiffany the opportunity to move home.  She spent a brief time working for Prudential Insurance Company on the property and casualty side before moving over to the life insurance side in her next career milestone.

In 1997, Tiffany began working for Penney and Proctor, a privately held life insurance firm, as an administrative assistant.  Throughout the years of working with this team, she has seamlessly picked up other areas of the business, including supporting operations, new business management, and on-going client servicing.  In 2020, the firm has formally evolved into a new company with multiple advisors called Pinpoint Wealth Partners.  Tiffany continues to support the advisors in their roles to provide holistic life insurance solutions, while also managing new business and interacting with current clients. 

Outside of the office, you will find Tiffany spending time with her friends and family at the beach, traveling, or cooking up something delicious.  Tiffany and her husband enjoy attending traveling sports events for their son, who is actively involved in Lacrosse.  This allows the family a chance to travel around the nation and explore, in addition to scheduled family beach trips all the way to ski adventures in the mountains.  Tiffany and her family are avid animal lovers, and at any given time, they have at least one dog that becomes part of their tribe.